Cristian Sanchez



Born in the prehistoric Capital City of Buenos Aires, this Argentine native is heavily influenced by the mixed bloodlines of German, Spanish and Italian descent.  His family’s’ diverse cultures allowed him the opportunity to explore and flourish his appreciation and creativity for the Earth’s many edible gifts.


As a young child, his mother and paternal grandmother played a key role in his premature culinary interest which they encouraged and challenged him often.  Chef Cris spent twice as much time and effort learning and executing recipes.


Having this aspiration at such an early age, it was no accident that he was no stranger in the culinary world as he first joined the food and beverage industry at the age of only 14 years old.  Adopting new concepts along the way and working alongside many respected, well-known Chefs, he now has a greater appreciation and respect for what the culinary world can offer also study on Islas Malvinas Argentina culinary and CIA. He strongly believes that his style of cooking is a science which must include a pinch of your background, a smidgen of new experiences learned, earth’s mighty resources and above all… Soul.

His vision to share this concept with the world as he travels to meet unsung Chefs in the smallest, undiscovered corners of every country while continuing to expand his palate.  Local farmers are one prime example of who he intends to reach. Why? He believes there is no better way to connect with the people in your community than by keeping it organic, fresh and local.


Culinary expertise is neither taught nor read thru a cookbook but rather lived, and this is most definitely one quality that he possesses. Professionalism and team-driven is another skill that aides his success. Additionally, having key components in place such as food vendors, a strategic innovative business structure, a reliable team and the endless support of his wife are what drive him to further his ambition and deliver the utmost quality and experience.

So ask yourself, are you ready for modernist cuisine, freestyle of cooking molecular, gastronomy, liquid nitrogen, organic grown and fresh made-from-scratch ingredients all in one bite?  If so, then you’re ready for Executive Chef Cristian Sanchez